Consell of the Intitute


This is the participation body for members of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Education (IRIE). It is chaired by the director and comprises the coordinators for each area of research, the deputy director and the secretary of the IRIE, who also acts as secretary for this body. In turn, each area has a number of representative researchers who are heard but cannot vote. The Institute Council approves the number of representatives from each area, which may vary depending on each area's characteristics.

Through the director, the Institute Council is responsible for proposing to the Governing Council:

  1. The development of Irie agreements
  2. The anual IRIE budget and accounts
  3. The objectives and annual programme of activities at the Irie and the assessment of their performance
  4. The registration, deregistration or termination of researchers and research groups at the Institute
  5. The general staff selection and hiring regulations
  6. A list of three researchers to nominate IRIE director

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