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On March 21 from 16 to 20 hours and March 22 from 10 to 14 (classroom AA02B, GM de Jovellanos building) will be held the workshop Theory and analysis of causal and conditional average effects, with Dr. Rolf Steyer.
It is one of the most important international figures on analysis method of latent variables and causal models.
The workshop, which will be held in English and for which it is imperative that those attending carry your laptop is free and open to the students of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, teachers and students of the Doctorate in Education and of the Doctorate in Psychology.
There are limited places. Those who are interested may need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.

The Institute for Educational Research and Innovation is aware of the important work of research groups that comprise it and the need to support him. Furthermore, with the aim of encouraging research activities of the group, once surpassed the stage of creation, wants to begin the process of consolidation of the Institute as a single entity that works together to improve the educational system of the Balearic Islands.

That is why we propose an extraordinary aid for research aimed at supporting research groups established for the application of national and international projects for the incorporation and / or boost job networks and also for the transfer or publication of the results of their investigations.

Extra call for research aids - 2018

Again a 8 arrives in March, and again it becomes unavoidable to raise the voice to claim rights that, in the 21st century, should be more than assumed.

This year, mobilization is expected to be more widespread than ever, at the international level, a strike of women has been convened, companies from around the world want to make their voices heard with a clamor for more elementary justice, demand worthy jobs, equal wages by the same job, the recognition of all those tasks that are almost invisible and never paid for the care of people, with the message that if women stop the world is for.

The struggle for equality goes through the determined implementation of a coeducational system that will shape future men and women with truly democratic principles and respect for human rights.

IRIE reaffirms these principles one more year, and forever.



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