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On February 3, the headquarters of the ICE / Irie in the building Sa Riera, hosted the first meeting of the technical team of the Institute in full: Dr. Gemma attended and Dr. Pere Tur oak, representatives Irie Ibiza and Menorca respectively.

The meeting allowed a first exchange of ideas among technical and design plan that will allow the implementation of all Irie services throughout the islands.

The addition of these two professionals to the team is a very positive milestone for the Institute and for the educational landscape of our country, because on the one hand ensures that all the initiatives generated by the Irie will get all researchers and, moreover, we will echo all the proposals, concerns and needs of all groups.

Although we plan to organize events in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza Institute to present to all members of the community, teachers who are interested in research and educational innovations and researchers Menorca and Ibiza want a more direct process and services, please get in touch with their UIB, which will facilitate the meeting with our delegates.

The University of the Balearic Islands has called the Research Awards Montserrat Casas with the aim of promoting scientific and knowledge transfer.

The awards are aimed at PhD students from the University of the Balearic Islands and it is a prerequisite that the day 23 April, when prizes will be awarded, the sol·licitatnts have not yet obtained a doctorate.

Two prizes will be awarded, one in the field of Arts and Humanities and the Social Sciences and Law, and the other in the field of Experimental Sciences and Health and Engineering and Architecture.

The deadline for submission of applications is until the day March 7 2014.

The application form, criteria for evaluating projects, the documentation must be attached Annex with instructions on the presentation of academic data and the format and presentation of the report, and others details of the call, are available on the website of the University of the Balearic Islands.


REDINED new platform. Educational Information Network

We inform you that you can use the new platform online consultation REDINED educational database, which includes all written materials in Spain on educational issues with castings of all national scientific journals as well as innovations , research ... which means, in day to day teaching and research, an indispensable tool for consulting documentary.

This new website presents significant improvements to the user:

1. interface: The query interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive than before, with easy-to-use query by author, title, subject, journal title, free text, etc.

2. Document Recovery: introduces improvements in terms of storage and retrieval of documentary allows articles to be included in REDINED retrieved by Google, since it works on the DSpace platform (which gives greater visibility to information retrieval of documents by author, journal, etc. ) and can do full-text queries.

3. Stats: reveals the number of times downloaded / viewed from an article and where in the world. The reference number of visits is an indicator of the quality of the document.

Each autonomous region is responsible for introducing scientific educational issues in their scope and since Redined-IB, we inform you that last year we have introduced the articles published in various journals of the education, such as: Yearbook of Education, Yearbook of Aging, Journal of Social Affairs, Còdol, Innovib, Cantabou, Edutec, Education and Culture, IN, Research reports Irie of Education, research, monographs, etc., which can be viewed online.

You can see the new database website REDINED directly link http://redined.mecd.gob.es or through the website of the Service Documentation Irie http://irie.uib.cat


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