What is PACE?

What is PACE?

The Educational Advisory Plan (PACE) is included in the set of transfer activities of the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (IRIE).

IRIE brings together more than two hundred education professionals in its eleven consolidated research groups. The ultimate goal of research in education is the transfer of knowledge to the educational community, in a continuous process that must reach society as a whole.

Through the PACE the educational teams of the educational centers can receive guidance and guidance from the research staff of the different IRIE groups to carry out various initiatives and projects, from the application of ICT to active methodologies and inclusive education, among of others


How advice is made

The teaching teams interested in any of the lines of advice offered by the IRIE should contact us, by means of an email to This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it..

Our technical staff will respond and agree to a first diagnostic visit with the team of experts that adjusts to the demand. After this meeting, a plan of action appropriate to each specific situation and the needs and requirements of the applicant center will be designed.



The counseling (diagnostic interview and design of the action plan) has no cost to the applicant educational team.

The intervention that is derived from it, which may consist of training activities for the cloister or department; Continuous guiding in the center, etc. It will become a direct relationship between the advisor or the advisor and the teaching team. The function of the IRIE in the PACE is to put in contact the experts and the teaching staff, not to manage the services that derive it.

Each action plan will have to foresee the human and economic resources necessary to carry it out.