Bases of the XICC

Instituts Connectats pel Canvi

The Network of Institutes for Change Online was born in order to promote global active methodologies within the framework of the Institutes of the Balearic Islands. Participating in the IES Antoni Maura, Juníper Serra and Emili Darder, in Palma; IES Pau Casesnoves, Inca, IES Porto Cristo, IES Guillem Cifre, Pollença, IES Blanca Dona, Ibiza, IES Porreres, IES Marratxí, IES Felanitx i the IES Alcudia.

Network objectives

  • Promote the implementation of active methodologies and classroom management
  • Generate the implementation of organizational and management models based on cooperative culture center to enable the implementation of active methodologies in secondary schools
  • Generate and receive training (TRAINING CENTERS) (TRAINING inter - CEP TRAINING - TRAINING Irie)
  • Sharing resources for the training of network members
  • Share experiences: to create a resource bank
  • Designing and implementing systems for performance evaluation and network activities
  • Boosting relations with the Ministry of Education and University
  • Encourage outsourcing network actions: to disseminate what we do
  • Creating partnerships with other organisations that provide support

Requirements to apply for assignment

  • Will participate in a collaborative network of centers. This must be accredited by the team from the faculty support
  • Have a minimum of 30% of secondary teachers willing to become involved in the project
  • Having established methodologies active globally at least a whole year of ESO
  • A commitment to participate in educational activities that promote the network
  • Expressed willingness to participate in the exchange of materials, production and proposals around active methodologies and implemented to improve them collaboratively

The Irie advises and supports network

The network is associated with the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation (Irie), which supports and facilitates advisory activities through knowledge transfer and innovation support, through cooperation with the research groups of their own high school.

The Irie has consolidated research groups and eleven twenty-nine research groups associated with which network members can establish collaborative relationships, share experiences, coordinate action to establish research, experience new organizational formulas and classroom management, training and participate in the dissemination and training in other schools and other teachers.

Irie The network will provide space and materials for Coordination (meeting rooms, virtual spaces and programs supporting research). Also collaborate in organizing seminars and conferences for the dissemination of the activities of the network.


Activities planned for the first school year

  • Set up initial network bases
  • Create a virtual work platform
  • Make a Day of the state of the art methodologies and foundations active in secondary
  • Prepare a document of minimum conditions necessary for active methodologies can be implemented in secondary schools


Network meetings

The network group meets every first Friday at 9.30 hours in a classroom videoconferencing campus UIB and its UIB Ibiza and Menorca in the event of network members institutes.


Portocristo, June 13 2016





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