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Research line



Advice on teaching and learning aspects related to language and linguistics

The teaching and learning of linguistics

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Description of the advice

Outstanding branches: Studying linguistics to know more about languages, fundamental communication tools.

Description Language Catalan, Spanish, English and emerging varieties of English, both native and non-native languages, or second language, foreign languages ​​or languages ​​of inheritance

English language as a lingua franca.

Diachronic analysis and study of parameters that condition linguistic variation in historical texts

Linguistic data collection and creation of linguistic data corpora

Sociolinguistic and variationist methodology: adaptation of language to different contexts and the role of the speaker as an agent of linguistic change

Experience of the group in research and advice on this topic

Research and teaching experience in the field of teaching and learning linguistics.

Research: participation in competitive projects funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Union and research work with international dissemination. Teaching: members who do research in this thematic line also teach in subjects related to the branches mentioned above. We have specialists in the various disciplines of linguistics, including specialties taught in any school: phonetics and phonology, semantics, morphology, syntax, pragmatics and discourse analysis.