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Institute for Research and Educational Innovation (IRIE)

II Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Educativa en las Islas Baleares

15 and 16 from December of 2017. Guillem Cifre de Colonya Building (UIB)


The II Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Educativa de las Islas Baleares They are a proposal to meet the main actors in the educational world of the Islands.

The meeting has four objectives:

a) Show the evolution of IRIE groups from the first edition of the Conference, in the year 2014, when we had not yet officially been constituted as a Research Institute. Now, three years later, we are convinced of the importance of joint work between all educational stages, donam To find out about the searches of the affiliated groups and make them available to the educational centers.

b) Present the Educational Centers Advice Plan (PACE), a proposal with which research personnel from different groups are offered to the teaching teams of the centers to help them in their concrete proposals for innovation. PACE shows, in a direct and coordinated way, the transfer resulting from the work of the IRIE research staff.

c) Offer to the students of the Doctorate in Education and Doctorate in Educational Technology the possibility of presenting your research and knowing the status of that of other people who are in the same situation.

d) Encourage and help the creation of networks of innovative centers, in the image of the Network of Institutes Connected by Change, made up of secondary schools in Mallorca and coordinated by one of the research groups of our Institute. The Conference wants to be a meeting forum for education professionals and IRIE is made available to facilitate the creation and coordination of initiatives that may be born of your innovative concern.


  • The research groups attached to IRIE, who can participate with the presentation of their research at round tables organized for this purpose. The groups will also be able to take part in the Days through the presentation of posters on research or innovation projects Financed with public announcements, in execution or finalized between 2014 and 2017.
  • The whole educational community (students and teachers of all stages, including IRIE doctoral students and doctors, parents' associations, management teams, etc.) and all those interested in learning about the current situation of research in the educational world of our house


The II Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Educativa de las Islas Baleares will be held on 15 and 16 days of December of 2017, in the Guillem Cifre de Colonya building of the University of the Balearic Islands. They will include conferences, round tables, work sessions and presentation of posters.

Organizing committee

The staff of the Institute of Research and Educational Innovation of the University of the Balearic Islands (IRIE).

Scientific committee

The scientific committee will be in charge of the review and acceptance of the scripts of the posters of the participants. It will be formed by the members of the IRIE Council, in which there are representatives of all the areas and groups that make up the Institute and, also, the management team.


Registration at II Jornadas de Investigación e Innovación Educativa de las Islas Baleares it's free Enrollments will be admitted by strict order of application, until the capacity of the room is completed.

To complete the registration, fill out the form that will be available on the web page of the Conference (Full capacity).

The people who want submit posters o Communications on the state of doctoral research They may submit their abstracts according to the directions on the website.


Those enrolled and attending the Conference may obtain different certificates, depending on the type of participation:

  • The IRIE research staff who have presented posters or have participated in any of the round tables, as well as the students and doctoral students that present their research will receive a certificate that certifies it.
  • All people will receive a certificate of attendance at the Conference, signed by the secretary of the Institute for Research and Educational Innovation.
  • The teaching staff of the non-university educational centers of the Balearic Islands will process the application for the recognition of credits of Permanent Teacher Training by the Ministry of Education and the University of the Balearic Islands.

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Important dates

· From 2 from October to 4 of December of 2017: period of general inscription

· From 2 to 31 of October of 2017: deadline for registration and presentation of abstracts; both for the posters of the research projects and for the communications of the doctoral theses.

· From 2 to 14 of November of 2017: period of review of abstracts by the scientific committee

· Between 15 and 17 in November: return of the information to the authors

· Until 30 in November of 2017: delivery of the posters in digital format. The organization will handle poster printing

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Poster of the Days

Conference Program

{tab = Registration}

Full capacity

{tab = Committee}

Scientific Committee

Dr. Eva Maria Aguilar Mediavilla

Dra. Victoria A. Ferrer Perez

Dr. Daniel Adrover Roig

Dr. Jaume Sureda Negre

Dr. Joan Jordi Muntaner Guasp

Dr. Miquel F. Oliver Trobat

Dra. Marta Jacob Escauriaza

Dra. Francisca Comas Rubí

Dr. Lluís Ballester Brage

Dr. Pere Palou Sampol

Dr. Sebastià Serra Busquets

Dra. Maria Antònia Manassero Mas

Dra. Maria Juan Garau

Dr. Adolfina Pérez Garcia

  • Academic Committee of the Doctorate in Educational Technology

Dr. Jesús Salinas Ibáñez

Dra. Esperanza Bosch Fiol

Dr. Antoni Bordoy Fernández

Organizing Committee

Jesús Salinas Ibánez: Director

Esperanza Bosch Fiol: Deputy Director

Antoni Bordoy Fenández: Secretary

Eulalia Miralles Mas: Innovation and Training Unit

Marta Salmeron Galiana: Support Unit

Claudia Martínez Cabrera: Support Unit

Aina Dols Salas: Unit of Communication

{tab = Posters}

List of Posters



Research group


The professionalizing role of external practices and their importance for the employability of university students

Payeras, M., Jacob, M., and Vegas, L.



Learning-Service "Intergenerational networks: memory and solidarity"

Elisabeth Ripoll Gil



Interdisciplinary training in Human and Social Sciences

Elisabeth Ripoll Gil, Sebastià Serra Busquets



Educational resources of innovation

Sebastià Serra Busquets / Xavier Jiménez González / Elisabeth Ripoll Gil



Learn to think and act as scientists through cooperative and digital games

Antoni J. Bennàssar Roig, María-Antonia Manassero-Mas, Ángel Vázquez Alonso



Teaching to think: competence learning of the subjects of nature of science and technology

Manassero-Mas, María-Antonia; Bennàsar Roig, Antoni; Vadell Adrover, Jaime; Sureda Gomila, Antonio; Bibiloni Esteva, Maria del Mar; Vázquez Alonso, Ángel



Effects of relational support in the intention to continue the Basic Vocational Training studies

Thomàs-Vanrell, C .; Álvarez-García, O .; Quintana-Murci, O .; Sureda-García, I .; Salvà-Mut, F.



Indicators on school dropout in vocational training

Francesca Salvà Mut, Miquel F. Oliver Trobat, Maurici Ruiz Pérez, Teresa Adame Obrador, Maria Tugores Ques



Recommendations for dealing with abandonment in VET: an analysis of literature

Antoni Cerdà Navarro; Mercè Morey López; Tomeu Mut Amengual; Jaume Sureda Negre; Rubén Comas Forgas



The conditions for perseverance and success in vocational training from the perspective of the centers

Carme Pinya, Maria Bel Pomar, Francesca Salvà, Aina M. Calvo



The photograph published as a representation of changes and continuities in the school culture (1900-1970)

Francisca Comas Rubí, Bernat Sureda Garcia, Xavier Motilla Salas, Sara González Gómez, Avelina Miquel Lara, Llorenç Gelabert Gual, Gabriel Barceló Bauzà



School practice in Menorca during the Franco regime (1939-1975)

Gabriel Barceló Bauzà; Bernat Sureda Garcia; Francisca Comas Rubí; Sergi Moll Bagur



The songs and play at school over time

Llorenç Gelabert Gual, Gabriel Barceló Bauzà, Sofía Domènech Martí, Sara González Gómez, Xavier Motilla Salas, Bernat Sureda García



Working with photographs and oral testimonies in the classroom: the innovation project "Historian's workshop: between school photographs, memories and memory"

Sara González Gómez; Gabriel Barceló Bauzà; Francisca Comas Rubí; Xavier Motilla Salas; Bernat Sureda García



New keys in the analysis of attitudes towards gender violence to overcome the effects of social desirability

Esperanza Bosch and Victoria Ferrer



Guidelines for improving educational intervention with sportsmen and families at school age

F. Javier Ponseti Verdaguer, Jaume Cantallops Ramón, Pere Palou



Methodological intervention in the Physical Education classes to increase the physical condition of the students

Josep Vidal Conti; Adrià Muntaner Mas, Pere Palou



Cultural adaptation of the Strengthening Families

Program 12-16. A proposal for a family-based program among families of adolescent at risk

Carmen Orte Socias, Lluís Ballester Brage, Pep Lluís Oliver Torelló, Belén Pascual Barrio, Joan Amer Fernández, Maria Antònia Gomila Grau, Marga Vives Barceló, Rosario Pozo Gordaliza, Victoria Quesada Serra, Miren Fernández de Álava, María Valero de Vicente, Aina Mascaró Juan, Carmen López Esteva, Lydia Sánchez Prieto, María de Lluc Nevot Caldentey and Lluís Vidaña Lladó



Perception of students and teachers involved in shared assessment experiences at the university

Victoria Quesada Serra, Miguel Ángel Gómez Ruiz, Beatriz Gallego Noche, Jaione Cubero Ibáñez



Primary results of the Spanish adaptation of the Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC)

Orte, C., Ballester, Ll., Vives, M., Amer, J., Gomila, MA and Fernández-de-Álava, M.



Sharing Childhood 2 (Sharing Childhood 2)

Carmen Orte, Lluís Ballester, Joan Amer, Belén Pascual, M.Antónia Gomila, Rosario Pozo, Marga Vives, Victoria Quesada and Carme López-Esteva



Validation of the Universal Family Competency Program 11-14 (PCF-U)

Orte, C. (IP), Ballester, L. (Co-IP), Oliver, JL, Pascual, B., Vives, M., Amer, J., Gomila, MA, Pozo, R., Fernández-de- Álava, M., Quesada, V., Valero, M., Mascaró, A., López-Esteva, C., Sánchez, L., Nevot, L., Vidaña, L. (GIFES Research Group)



AGENCY of university students. Study on the development of university education

Victoria Marín, Adolfina Pérez, Jesus Salinas, Barbara de Benito, Francisca Negre, Santos Urbina, Gemma Tur, Sandra Lizana, Juan Moreno, Antònia Darder



Analysis of experiences and proposals for improvement in university ApS

Berta Paz Lourido, Sebastià Verger Gelabert, Francisca Negre Bennàsar, Rosa Rosselló Ramón, Adolfina Pérez Garcías, Bárbara de Benito Crosetti, Cristina Manresa Lee,



Analysis of the usability of the moodle platform in the FPaD in the Balearic Islands

Francisco R. Lirola Sabater, Adolfina Pérez Garcias



Learning based on problems in the degree studies of the Faculty of Education from the perspective of the methodology Learning / Service

Barbara de Benito Crosetti, Francisca Negre Bennassar. Sebastià Verger Gelabert



Ongoing research on the implementation of a program for the improvement of the link in early childhood (Madium Project)

Maria A. Riera; Maria Ferrer; Pep Pérez; Júlia Vilanova



Feedback as a self-regulator of learning

Maria Rosa Rosselló and Carme Pinya



The challenge of educating in vulnerable contexts

Maria A. Riera Jaume, Maria Ferrer Ribot



The Open Educational Resources in the initial teaching training

Santos Urbina / Gemma Tur



Methodological strategies for the improvement of virtual teaching

Santos Urbina, Miriam Conde, Catalina Ordinas and Juan José Rosselló



INEDITHOS CONNECT: Project for the Communication of Young Residents to the UCI Hospitalarias

Marta Egidos Mas,

Sebastià Verger Gelabert



Network of Institutes Connected by change

Joan J. Muntaner and Maria Rosa Rosselló



The conceptual maps as a tool for professional teacher development in contexts of pedagogical fragility

Barbara de Benito, Alexandra Lizana, Jesús Salinas



Innovation in Educational Spheres for Wellbeing: Center Accompaniment Program

Maria Antònia Riera, Magdalena Jaume, Maria Esperanza Company Antònia Ribas Moranta Catalina Ribas More Cecilia Zamorano Marta Llompart Carme Rosselló Aina Estrades



Educational solutions for the improvement of the quality of life of the child with minority illness from an innovative and transdisciplinary intervention

Francisca Negre, Dolors Forteza, Begoña De la Iglesia and Sebastià Verger



Evaluation tool for concept maps in the heading format

Jesús Salinas, Ernest Prats



Bilingualism and education: impact on executive control and language in people with or without Specific Language Disorder (TEL)

Eva Aguilar Mediavilla, Daniel Adrover Roig, Lucía Buil Legaz, Josep A. Pérez Castelló, Raúl López Penadès, Eduard Rigo Carratalà and Victor Sánchez Azanza



The archival documents in language teaching

Enrique-Arias, Andrés; Gomila Albal, Marina; Levas Ferrer, Raül; Miguel Franco, Ruth; Ribas, Patricia; Rost Bagudanch, M Assumption



Polyhedral life stories

Noemy Berbel, Magdalena Jaume, Antoni Artigues, Pilar Rovira




Knowledge, ethics and emotions: new perspectives in the curriculum

Pere Jaume Alzina Seguí




Acouturier Psychomotor Practice (PPA) in the 0-3 years cycle and in the UEECO classroom

Bernardo Marín García, Catalina Homar Homar, Marc Torres Romagosa, María José Elías Pérez, Bárbara Nicolau Pons, Maria Antònia Gual Rosselló, Elena Femenia Salvà, Marta Cerdà Gamundi, Cecilia Zamorano Terrasa, Ana Teresa Giner Bernabeu, Sandra Dolle de Aguilar




Training in transversal competences in Physiotherapy and Nursing degree: communication, social and emotional skills

Pades Jiménez, A *; Salinas Bueno, I.; Velasco Roldán, O .; Mingorance Rubiño, JA; Melis Quetglas, S .; Bauzá Amengual, MLluc .; Andreu Rodrigo, P.



{tab = Communications}

List of communications of doctoral theses



Francisco Lirola

Study of the implementation of distance vocational training in the Balearic Islands

Laura Aguiló

The sustainability of educational innovations in schools: a case study

Antoni Cerdà

The premature educational abandonment and the professional training of Average Degree

Nathalie Lietchi

Teaching talent management. Towards a conceptual definition and a state of the question

Nuria López

From juvenile offender to successful student: the educational process. A case study

Avelina Miquel

Photography and education in the republican war press in Spain (1936-1939)

Lluc Nevot

Parental involvement in Family Competence Programs

Maria del Mar Oliver

Initiatives and curricular approaches of Artistic Education to Infant Education in the educational and legislative framework of the Balearic Islands

Alberto Sánchez

The difficulties and facilitators of the prevention of bullying in Asperger's Syndrome

Mario Valera

School harassment associated with language disorders: indicators and predictors

Antoni Vigo

The level of self-efficacy and self-pity of teachers and their relation to inclusive practices

Maria Valero

Family programs as a fundamental element for preventive intervention in the vulnerable teen population

Joana Marina Llabrés

Physiotherapy practices to encourage the participation of students with disabilities in ordinary school

{tab = Program}

15 DECEMBER 2017

15.00 to 15.30 hours Delivery of documentation and accreditations
16.00 to 16.30 hours General presentation of the activity (by IRIE and representatives of the institutions involved)
16.30 to 19.00 hours Round table for the presentation of the research groups and the presentation of the lines of research, organized in two tables. Forecast of 10 minutes for group discussion plus discussion and next discussion


Presentation of descriptive posters of the lines of research (Friday and Saturday)
19.00 to 19.20 hours Rest
19.20 to 19.40 hours

General presentation of the network creation project d'innovation

Presentation of the network

19.40 to 20.00 hours Working groups of specific networks

16 DECEMBER 2017

9.30 to 10.00 hores

Reception of participants
10.00 to 10.30 hours


10.30 to 12.00 hours Presentation of lines d'Advice, debate and discussion with the participants. A duration of 20 minutes is expected for line d'advice


Presentation of the communications on the doctoral theses of the IRIE
12.00 to 12.30 hours Break and coffee-break
12.30 to 14.00 hours

Lecture, debate and closing

A bridge between research groups and educational centers. Research and innovate online

Dra. Mercè Gisbert Cervera

Professor of Didactics and School Organization

Rovira i Virgill University

{tab = Your}

Guillem Cifre de Colonya Building. UIB.

Carrer D'Eivissa, 07141 Palma, Illes Balears.

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Formulari of contact

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