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Admission (TEDU)

The recommended entry profile is for graduates in areas related to education. All applicants must accredit having at least 300 ECTS from all their studies and having passed, as a minimum, 300 ECTS at master's level, linked to any of the main areas of research of the Doctorate.

University Masters currently taught at the UIB and linked to the recommended entry profile are as follows:

  • Human Resources Management. Psychological and Pedagogical Intervention
  • Equality Politicies and Gender-Based Violence Prevention
  • Educational Technology: E-learning and Knowledge Management
  • Inclusive Education (inter-university)
  • Socio-Educational Intervention with Minors and Families
  • Early Childhood: Perspectives and Lines of Intervention
  • Cultural Management (inter-university)
  • Teacher Training

Notwithstanding the above, and after approval from the academic committee, students with masters not mentioned above shall be accepted as long as they have a link to the area of education. Students with equivalent titles from overseas shall also be admitted.

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