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Extraordinary call for research grants

Preparation, execution and transfer of knowledge

(2022 call)



About the Observatory

The Institute for Educational Research and Innovation is aware of the important work of the consolidated research groups that make it up and the need to support it. In addition, and with the aim of promoting research activity, it wants to strengthen the work of the institution as a single entity that works in a coordinated manner for the improvement of the education system of the Balearic Islands.

That is why it proposes an extraordinary call for research grants, intended to support consolidated research groups for the application of international projects, for the incorporation and / or promotion of work networks and, also, for the transfer or publication of the results of their research.


  • The total amount of the call is 6.000 euros for all grants.

  • The consolidated research groups attached to the IRIE may be presented.

·       Each group will be able to access a maximum of one annual grant.

·       The actions that may receive financial aid are:

1.    Preparation of projects for international competitive calls to be submitted through the IRIE and / or creation of international research networks: trips for preparatory scientific meetings or help for the drafting of documentation.

2.    Expenses arising from the execution of research projects submitted to competitive calls (awarded or not) through consolidated IRIE groups that are not covered in the project funding.

3.    Transfer of knowledge in projects carried out through IRIE consolidated groups: translations / correction of publications, co-financing for scientific publications, co-financing for the publication of materials, presentation at conferences, etc.

  • In all cases, the proposals must be justified, with the specification of objectives, duration (in the case of travel) and budget.

  • The deadline for allocating expenses to this call is three months from the date of the award.

How to apply for grants

The call rwill be open until the end of the year (November 30, 2022). The application will be formalized in two steps:

The submitted application must include the following sections:

  • Title of the proposal and specification of the activities to be carried out

  • Calendar forecast

  • Expenditure forecast

  • List of research staff who will take part

The aid granted must be executed within three months of its granting.

For any questions regarding the application procedure, the contact person is Aina Dols (telephone 971 17 24 80 and address This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.).

Evaluation and selection of applications

A committee, made up of the Vice-Rector for Science Policy and Research, the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Research Staff -both members of the IRIE Governing Council-, and the Director of the Research Support Office, will evaluate the applications and will decide the aid in each case.

Given the budget of the specific action and the financial availability resulting from the total number of grants required, the commission reserves the right to adjust the amounts awarded to each project.

The resolution of this call will be published on the website of theIrie and will be communicated by email to applicants.

The assessment of concessions will take into account:

  • The degree of adequacy of the proposal to the aims and objectives of the IRIE (internationalization, transfer of research and multidisciplinary nature).

  • The difficulties of financing the proposal in other ways.

  • Participation in the proposal of other research groups or organizations, especially international ones.

  • The impact of the actions and results associated with the proposal.

Obligations of beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of the grants must accept the grant and comply with the deadlines and requirements established in the call.

They also undertake to include in the promotional materials, the research projects they present or other results linked to the concession, which has been counted. with the support of the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation and, if possible, include the institutional image of the IRIE.

Once the project has been awarded and / or published and / or attended the meeting, a copy of the grant / work will be sent to the IRIE.

The documentary justification of the subsidized expenses will be made in accordance with the provisions of Regulatory Agreement 11216 of December 17, 2014.

If the subsidized activities are not duly justified and / or the IRIE is not included in the promotional material and / or the project is not submitted via IRIE, the beneficiaries must return the financial aid granted. If the grant is not returned, the group will not be able to apply for a new call in the next two years.

The IRIE reserves the right to request, at any time during the procedure, and if necessary, additional documentation.