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Grants have a maximum limit of € 400 per application and can be applied for throughout the calendar year. They must correspond to activities that are carried out within the year of the concession and the payment will be made by presenting invoices to the IRIE technical team. In order for the grants to be better distributed among the research teams, each group can apply for a maximum of one per year and cannot be applied for in consecutive years. Applications will be resolved as they are submitted and the call will be closed when the amount allocated to this concept is exhausted.

At the end of form you will need to attach the financial report and the document of acceptance of the conditions, which you will find linked below:

- Annex II. Economic report of the activity

- Annex III. Document of acceptance of the conditions

Type of activity

1. All those activities intended to encourage the exchange and dissemination of knowledge between the research staff of the IRIE and other centers, to support the organization of congresses, symposia, seminars, conferences, may be the subject of funding. or other similar activities.

2. Activities that are not organized by an IRIE research group or any of its members will not be considered for funding.

Financing conditions

The concepts that can be financed are:

a) Expenses derived from the material preparation of the activity (advertising, expendable material, space rental, etc.)

b) Expenses arising from travel and participation of staff involved in the activity (travel, hotel stays, conference fees, etc.)

c) Acquisition of inventory material

Representation expenses and the payment of fees to IRIE research staff are excluded from funding.

Payment of aid

1. The IRIE will proceed to the direct payment of the services provided to the natural or legal person who has performed them.

2. In order to make the payment, the person responsible for the activity must send the original invoices to the IRIE technical staff, within a period of three calendar months from the date of completion of the activity.

3. The invoices presented must correspond to the concepts presented in the financial report.

4. Partial payment of invoices or services will not be made.

Conditions of acceptance

1. The person responsible for the activity undertakes to include the IRIE logo or to state that he / she has received financial assistance from this Institute in all the promotional material that is made and also in the program of the activity. .

2. The person responsible for the activity is responsible for the veracity of all the data included in the application.

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