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Research support

One of the IRIE's main responsibilities is to provide support to research undertaken by the different groups and researchers at the institute. To ensure this responsibility is effective, the Institute offers three programmes:

  1. Research Advisory Service (SAR). It is a service that provides researchers groups and a team of specialists in the field of methodology, covering the different aspects of the same research in the broad sense (planning and design, development of instruments, data collection, data processing, data analysis, computer consulting, writing and reporting, projects and / or scientific articles, etc.). The SAR has two main objectives: 1) orient investigators toward educational research in all areas, both in the stages of formal education (nursery, primary, secondary and higher education) and other areas of 'informal and non-formal education; 2) and advise on various issues when starting a search, carry out, prepare their report and disseminate relevant results.
  2. Information and support programme for research groups at the Institute. This essentially takes charge of informing IRIE members about calls, conferences, seminars and news at the Institute, and producing tutoring plans for research groups, managing licences for research work, and producing its own research calls or those funded by other institutions.
  3. Development service programme. The planned tasks include managing knowledge-transfer agreements, producing the knowledge-transfer catalogue (undertaken by the research groups) aimed at all education and training sectors, diagnosing the knowledge-transfer requirements in emerging and training socio-educational areas, and creating a database of trainers and counsellors.