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Secondment of research groups

1. Presentation

Within the period established by Irie, may request assignment to Irie those research groups or individual researchers who meet the regulations from the high school.

I. Consolidated research groups. They demonstrate outstanding research activity in the last five years, which satisfies the following conditions:

  • Minimum of three members and contributors
  • The investigator / researcher should have a permanent relationship -funcionari laboral- or full-time with the UIB with its affiliated schools or the Department of Education and University or professional agreements with any of these entities.
  • All member researchers must have a doctorate.
  • An average of two research sections per member. Exceptionally, it can apply to register as a consolidated group with an average slightly lower sections when researchers can prove their research quality (skills, recognized expertise and experience in the field of research) in the last five years. Most research sections have to be alive.
  • Impact Publications. Accreditation of coherence through joint publications.
  • Making a large number of competitive research projects. Participation in R & D.
  • Participation in conferences.
  • Participation in training graduate and doctoral programs.
  • Management master's and doctoral theses.
  • Conducting outreach activities and transfer of research results and / or knowledge.

II. Associate Research Groups: groups with expertise in the emerging field of research (UIB research groups or centers affiliated to the UIB) and groups that are created as part of Irie. They are divided into two groups:

  • Research groups associated Irie registered in the catalog of research groups at the UIB or affiliated schools. To request the secondment Irie of these groups, the research group must appear in the catalog of the UIB research groups managed by the Vice President for Research, or appear in the group are at least two teachers / professors affiliated institutions and / or UIB. The research team must be composed of at least three members. The investigator / researcher and Head of these members should have the degree of doctor / doctor relationship and have a permanent full-time -funcionari or laboral- the UIB or its affiliated schools.
  • Research groups associated Irie formed by members of the Ministry of Education and University and / or the UIB unregistered catalog of research groups at the UIB. These are groups of researchers in related topics, created in the framework of Irie. These groups are supported by the Institute to develop its research work, either independently or collegially with other groups of the Institute. The research team must be composed of at least three members. For these groups does not require that members have the doctorate / PhD. Associated research groups also can be incorporated as members, teachers retired UIB schools attached or CECU and professionals working in the framework of programs or cooperation agreements with the public service of employment, training and work to develop guidance for employment, which tenguin continued participation in the work group's research and to develop their research activities in areas directly related to the research that has the group.

III. Individual researchers: Staff researcher at the UIB, schools and affiliated CECU (includes teachers from private schools) with extensive experience and research potential, students enrolled in doctoral programs and emeritus or retired professors of the UIB of or their affiliated schools of the Ministry of Education and University that are not integrated into a research group, may request enrollment in Irie individual researchers as associate / associate individual researchers. The researchers associated individuals committed to maintain research activities within the Irie according to their research.

2. Regulations for the affiliation of research groups and researchers of IRIE

You can view the entire rule of enllanç: Legislation

3. Application Forms

3.1 Forms part of the institute (attachment enclosed)

included three forms:

  • General form of the group, to be completed by the researcher in charge.
  • Personal form of researchers affiliated to the group, to be completed by each researcher.
  • Form for associate individual researchers
3.2 Forms upgrade research group
  • Form upgrade existing group Irie
  • Form individual researcher


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