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Group research and educational and social training

acronym: GIFES  - Codes: GC09


Equip researcher

Main investigator
Carmen Orte Socias

Tuesday Xavier March Cerdà
Josep Lluís Oliver Torelló
M.Belén Pascual Barrio
Margarita Vives Barceló
Joan Alfred Amer Fernández
Lluís Ballester Brage
Antoni Colom Cañellas
Maria Antònia Gomila Grau
Liberto Macías González
Andreu Mir Gual
Rosario Pozo Gordaliza
Lydia Sánchez Prieto
María Valero de Vicente

Areas of research

1.- Family education and intervention with childhood, adolescence and family

2.- Research and Education Methodologies

3.- Social and Educational Gerontology

4.- Society and education

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