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On this page you can download the institutional image of the IRIE and also the institutional images of each of the research groups that are part of the institute.

Institutional image
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Logos Research groups
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4MAC-research and educational tourism
Science, technology and society. Teaching science
Education and citizenship
Inclusive School and Diversity Research Group
Educational Technology Group
Gender Studies
Studies of culture, society, media and contemporary thought
Group studies the history of education
Group of science research in physical activity and sport
Research group in language, literature and learning
Sociolinguistic Research Group of the Balearic Islands
Educational and social research and training group
Developing research, education and language
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Science Experimentation Classroom
Group restorative practices
Research group of social science education
Research Group in art and education
Mathematics Education Research Group
Research groups in language
Group research and innovation in education Menorca
Group for Advice and Innovation in Educational Areas for Welfare
Psychosocial research on work, organizations and human resources
Philosophy Seminar 3/18