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The governance bodies of the IRIE are:

Institute Council

This is the participation body for members of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Education (IRIE). It is chaired by the director and comprises the coordinators for each area of research, the deputy director and the secretary of the IRIE, who also acts as secretary for this body.

Governing Council

The Governing Council shall comprise the Vice-chancellor and four representatives from the UIB; the regional minister for Education and Universities and three representatives from the Department of Education and Universities (CEU); one representative from the regional government department with specific competence for research and development and the IRIE director, who acts in an advisory role.


The Senate is the Institute's deliberative assembly. It is chaired by the director of the Institute and comprises the lead researchers of each research group at the IRIE, one representative of researchers in training, one representative of associate individual researchers, one representative of the scientific support staff and once representative of the administrative staff.

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