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Governing Council

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The Governing Council will be formed by the Rector / to the Rector and four representatives of the UIB; the Minister / Minister of Education and the University and three representatives of the Ministry of Education and University (CEU); a representative of the ministry with specific expertise in research and development and director / director of Irie, who acts as secretary, with voice but no vote.

The functions of the Governing Board

  1. Ratify the agreements that may sign Irie
  2. Approve the budget and annual accounts for the Irie, presented the proposal of the director
  3. Approve the annual objectives and activities of the Institute
  4. Approve its annual report
  5. Rector of the UIB propose to the appointment and relief of director / director of the Deputy Director / Deputy Director and the Secretary / Secretary, according to the legislation still in force
  6. Ratify the criteria relating to the constitution of dynamic areas and research groups and the recognition of the condition of personal researcher Irie
  7. Approve the regulations of the Institute, in accordance with the proposal of the Board of the Institute
  8. Approving the assignment or termination of investigators / researchers and research groups / as proposed by the Board of the Institute. For this, we need an absolute majority of the Governing Council
  9. Periodically evaluate the research and teaching of Irie, through the help of external audits and implement its recommendations when it considers appropriate
  10. Those duties that the University statute allocates to the university institutes council, where applicable
  11. All other questions and issues that affect the operation of Irie.

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institution Member
University of the Balearic Islands Llorenç Huguet
Rector -membre Nat
Jaume Carot
Vice President for Research and Graduate
Dolors Forteza
Vice-Chancellor for Teaching
Joana Maria Seguí
Vice Projection and Cultural Open University
Miquel F. Oliver
Director Irie
Ministry of Education and University Martí X. March
Chief -member nat-
Fco. Javier Gálvez
Secretary General of the CEiU
Juan José Montaño
Director General for Education and University
Olga Uría
Head of the University Department of
University Policy and Higher Education
Ministry of Innovation, Research and
Bàrbara Terrasa Pont
Head of Research and Technological Development
Irie Jesús Salinas
Director Nat -membre
Secretary of the Governing Council

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Calendar of ordinary meetings of the Governing Council
  • Friday, April 15 2016
  • Monday, July 18 2016 (extraordinary)

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