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Institute for Educational Research and Innovation

Investigam per educar - Investigam per innovar - Investigam per millorar



IRIE is an institute for educational research and innovation in the fields of education and training. It was created in 2015, through Executive Agreement 11458, of 28 July, in the context of the transformation of the UIB's Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) into a research institute. It is governed by Regulatory Agreement 13022, dated March 08, 2019, which approves and makes public its regulations, which, in article 6, establish as purposes:

  1. IRIE will be dedicated to quality scientific research in the field of teacher education and training, will provide development services (knowledge transfer) and will also carry out postgraduate teaching activities, postgraduate courses and specific training courses. One of the main objectives is to promote mechanisms to improve educational quality and excellence.
  2. To fulfill the intended purposes, the IRIE will carry out the following activities:
    1. To promote, organize and coordinate, in the Institute's own field, research in education, especially related to the needs and problems of the education and training system, in order to improve its knowledge and improve the quality of practice in schools and other entities and institutions that carry out educational and training functions.
    2. Plan, organize and develop doctoral and postgraduate programs and studies in any of the areas that affect the education and training of teachers.
    3. To promote the scientific, technical, social and cultural development of all those sectors and elements that form part of the field of education.
    4. To provide technical advice to the Government of the Balearic Islands (GOIB), the Ministry with specific competences in education and professionals from all sectors related to education and training in organizational, methodological and curricular innovation, and in all matters related to the lines of research of the IRIE groups.
    5. Collaborate with the bodies of the UIB and with the faculties and schools, departments and other institutes of the University, as well as with the public or private entities with which the provision of services in matters of education and training of teachers is arranged. .
    6. Acknowledging and promoting the research work of the Institute's education research groups within the scientific community and the education system, and in all sectors linked to education and training (both formal and informal).
    7. Provide resources and resources to support the research groups that make up the IRIE to develop research in the field of education.
    8. h) To establish contracts as provided for in article 83 of the LOU, subject to the University's forecasts regarding the transfer of the results of the research and the destination of the goods and resources obtained.
    9. Relate and coordinate research activity with that of similar entities, state and foreign, and participate in research projects and joint activity programs.
    10. To promote the attraction of public and private resources, in order to obtain complementary means to the possible contributions of the institutions that participate in the operation and the tasks of the Institute.
    11. Any other activity whose fundamental purpose is to comply with the founding purposes of the IRIE, its regulations and the UIB Statutes.

The IRIE is structured around four research areas:

  1. Didactics and school organization, an area formed by a total of three consolidated research groups: 4MAC - Tourist and educational research; Education and Citizenship; and Childhood, Technology, Education and Diversity Group.
  2. Specific didactics, which includes four consolidated research groups: Science, Technology and Society. Didactics of science; Studies of culture, society, communication and contemporary thought; Research group in languages, literatures and learning; and Research Group on Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.
  3. Social, evolutionary and educational psychology, formed by two consolidated research groups: Research in Development, Education and Language; and Gender Studies.
  4. Theory and history of education, an area made up of two consolidated research groups: Educational and Social Research and Training Group; and Education History Studies Group.

Apart from the consolidated research groups that are distributed in these four areas, the IRIE also includes a series of associated research groups - emerging groups that are in the process of consolidation and that depend on the consolidated groups - and also by researchers. and individual researchers. To all these groups, the IRIE offers a Research Advisory Service (SAR).

Likewise, the IRIE gives special importance to the transfer of knowledge and to the direct work with the educational centers and the associations or entities linked to the field of the education in the Balearic Islands. It offers both schools and teachers a series of training activities, which aim at continuous innovation within the framework of the education system.

Mission and Vision

The IRIE's mission statement aims to express the essence of the institution for its members and also for society. In this vein, the mission sets out the institution's raison d'être and the principles that should guide members.

The vision presents the “ideal” situation to which it seeks to reach through the set of objectives and strategies that are incorporated. It reflects the manifestation of the success of the institution.

Our purpose is to have a consensual vision of the Institute and a plan to implement and achieve that vision. Through strategic planning and a continuous evaluation of the actions planned and developed, we will be able to regularly renew the vision and reformulate the strategies needed to carry it out.

In line with this aim, the IRIE mission and vision are set out below.


The IRIE is dedicated to scientific research and innovation in the fields of education and training, provides development services (knowledge transfer) and also carries out postgraduate teaching activities, postgraduate courses and training courses. short duration in these same areas. One of its main objectives is the promotion of mechanisms for improving educational quality and excellence.

The multi-year plan proposal sets strategic pillars and activities, understood as key activities for fulfilling our mission. The strategic objectives are structured around the pillars and are the goals we need to achieve in order to realise the future vision of the institute in terms of educational research and innovation. Finally, the strategic objectives are specified into operational objectives, which are the general activities aimed at attaining each of the strategic objectives.



In accordance with its mission, the IRIE aspires to become a center of reference in the field of research and educational innovation, at the regional, state and international level. It is also intended that the Institute be recognized as a center of reference in terms of teaching, training and research potential.

The Institute aspires to respond in a timely manner to the demands of the environment and to act as an engine for the generation, promotion and dissemination of knowledge. At the same time, from the deep root in the culture of our University and of the group of the educational system university and no university of the Balearic Islands, works for the promotion of the innovation and the fast and effective translation of results in the institutions educational, with special emphasis on practice.

The will of the Institute is to combine quality research, which enables a valuable academic contribution, with a favorable transfer of knowledge, which ensures a good impact for the social transformation and, more specifically, of the educational system. To do this, it must link research, training and innovation with the educational task and, thus, enable the educational community to become a reflective, dynamic and creative group, attentive to the new needs that arise, committed to the improvement of the teaching and learning processes, resolved to question the educational proposals of the system and to make decisions about their relevance for the learning and development of the community itself.

In order to lead proposals in the field of educational research, training and innovation, we need staff with the right academic training and advanced technological resources.

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