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The research groups working line Society are:
Research Areas of research
Studies of culture, society, media and contemporary thought (CSCP)

1.- History and analysis of politics, society and culture of the Balearic Islands. Teaching of history and art history
2.- thinking philosophical evolution and conceptualisation. Teaching philosophy   
3.- impact of communication on the evolution of contemporary thought and the impact on the education system   
4.- Natural and Cultural Heritage. Geography and its teaching. Tourism

Group studies the history of education (GEDHE) 1.- History of Education in the areas of education and social   
2.- History of pedagogical thought: production and reception   
3.- history of education as a discipline and field of research
Gender Studies (GENDER) 1.- analysis of the situation of women   
2.- consequences of discrimination of women and gender violence   
3.- The impact of gender in different areas: health, labor, education, ICT
Group research and educational and social training (GIFES) 1.- quality of life, needs and social problems and socio   
2.- prevention and family education programs based on evidence   
3.- methodologies for research and education   
4.- Social and Educational Gerontology