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25 November

International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women

Every November 25, institutions and groups of all castes hold events to remember the need to fight against violence against women.

Murders, vicarious violence, continued abuse or more subtle and tolerated forms under the shield of supposed traditions, sow our day to day fear and discrimination.

These behaviors, as common as they are deplorable, make it necessary every year for 25N for us to stop and reflect on where we are going and what kind of society we want.

But reflection is not enough. One day a year is not enough to become aware of the need to change considerations and attitudes.

From the IRIE we advocate for education as an indispensable tool for the eradication of this chakra, which far from disappearing, every day adopts new forms of presence among us.

Teachers, families, teaching staff at all levels, educators have the responsibility to ensure that students are educated with good examples and with clear criteria: violence is intolerable. It is not possible for behaviors such as the "fives" to generate debate.

We work so that one day, as soon as possible, we don't need another 25N.

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