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Seminar on Educational Experiences with ICT in Early Childhood and Primary Education
Lecture: Teachers and educators on-off. Why do I have (pre) take care of my digital teaching skills?
University Expert in University Teaching Techniques (16 ECTS)

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Institute for Research and Innovation in Education

Investigam per educar - Investigam per innovar - Investigam per millorar

The Institute for Educational Research and Innovation is aware of the important work of research groups that comprise it and the need to support him. Furthermore, with the aim of encouraging research activities of the group, once surpassed the stage of creation, wants to begin the process of consolidation of the Institute as a single entity that works together to improve the educational system of the Balearic Islands.

That is why we propose an extraordinary aid for research aimed at supporting research groups established for the application of national and international projects for the incorporation and / or boost job networks and also for the transfer or publication of the results of their investigations.

Extra call for research aids - 2018

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