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Publicat the report Conditions of success and breaks in the participation of the young population in the devices of education of second chance: the case of the Youth Center, directed by Dr. Francesca SalvĂ  Mut, member of the Research Group on Education and Citizenship, of IRIE.

This document is the 15 number of the collection Research Reports in Education. Illes Balears, of the IRIE, and presents an evaluation research based on the biographical method. The research has been carried out based on the life histories of fifteen young people between 18 and 24 years, with personal and family situations marked by varying degrees of vulnerability that, after a school biography marked mainly by difficulties , they participated in the device mentioned.

The integral commitment and the individualization, the contents of the training and the realized studies, the methodological strategies, the affective bond and the educative surroundings manifest themselves like determinants of the success. The positive impact of participation on a personal and work level is also clear, even in people who did not finish the itinerary.

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Call for applications to perform special actions for research and development

The special R & D activities are intended to cover the scientific objectives require any specific action, special interest and relevance for the research to develop the system of science, technology and innovation in the Balearic Islands.

The announcement has five lines of credit:
a) online at performances preparing proposals for participation in international research teams, especially in the program "Horizon 2020."
b) Line B: specific actions of scientific and technological policies that present an emergency or a special interest or help to complement and strengthen competitive research projects.
c) Line C: actions of collaboration between research groups from scientific-technical nature (networking, interdisciplinary groups, agendas, etc.).
d) Line D: dissemination activities and exploitation of the results of R & D,
e) Line E: actions to strengthen the requirements on technological equipment and infrastructure for research,
f) Line F: organizing conferences, seminars and general meetings of thematic science and technology.


  • Individuals and private or public legal persons, which includes universities, research centers, technology centers and other public schools (teachers and non-teaching), to carry out the activity or object underlying this grant.
  • People linked to entities mentioned in the previous paragraph may submit proposals to his body, as researchers responsible for the scientific and technical execution.

The maximum grant that can be awarded to each special action is 25.000 euros.

Deadline: the 8 May 2017 1 to 2019 June.

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- Medal of Honor and Gratitude Group of Studies -

The Irie welcomes the awarding of the Medal of Honor and Gratitude of the Consell de Mallorca Group for Gender Studies (January) for "continuity of gender studies, which were started in the 70 and your task in generating literature and essays on the subject of women at the national level. "
Congratulations to the researchers and, especially, its principal investigator, Dr. Esperanza Bosch, deputy director of Irie.