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- On 8 March is International Women's Day -

The need to mark your calendar as this commemoration comes at the end of the nineteenth century, the challenge of an increasingly industrialized world full of turmoil and political and social actors in order to make women fight for their current rights, those who worked in factories and workshops in the field or in cities with exhausting days and dependents never shared.

Since then, women of all countries, different cultures, different languages, different traditions come together to cry for equality, justice and peace, take stock and set new challenges.

Since we want to join Irie commemorate and remember the role of co-education as a method of educational change, the fight against stereotypes, against a sexist and male-model and as an instrument to ensure genuine equality of opportunities between boys and girls, men and women.

INeDITHOS The program, led by Professors Francesca Black Sebastià Verger, researchers Irie, has been awarded the Inclusion in Award in Rare DiseasesThat grants Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (ERDF).

Each year, the ERDF, on the occasion of World Day for Rare Diseases, recognizes the work and commitment of people and organizations working to improve the quality of life of people affected by rare diseases.

The work of volunteers INeDITHOS focuses on children hospitalized in the hospital unit semicrítics Swords & Son from 2012 also offers tutoring to students with rare diseases and collaborates in different initiatives of the ERDF.

The Irie welcomes and appreciates the work of the recognition of these college students, working selflessly and are one of the least known facets and yet more necessary education.

The award ceremony will be held at the Prado Museum in Madrid, on March 2 2017.

The management team of Irie, Francina Armengol received by the President and the Minister of Education University and the Consulate of the Sea

Friday, February 17 2017, Dr. Jesús Salinas, director; Dr. Bosch Hope, Deputy Director, and Dr. Antoni Bordoy, secretary of the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation, were received in audience by the President of the Government and the Minister of Education and University, in an official ceremony in which presented the Institute and the work of the researchers involved.

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