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Irie Press the occasion of the celebration of the day 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The management team of Irie want to join all aspects of what it means to support the commemoration of November 25.

Violence against women and girls is a clear violation of human rights and the brutal expression of gender inequality. That is why we express our conviction that Irie can not stay out of the analysis of this terrible reality in schools, which should make a commitment to actively participate in finding solutions, working genuine co-education, eradicating stereotypes and sexist behavior in the classroom, working actively with all the teaching staff of schools and promoting active inclusion of the gender as a variable in any analysis of society we want do.

The information comes through exhaustive research done in different parts of Spain demonstrates clearly rebounded this violence among the younger population. The use of different electronic devices to control the boys in their early relationships, the so-called violence control, sextingAnd increased sexist attitudes in different degrees and stages, clearly alter coexistence and interfere in a negative force in legitimate academic and personal expectations of a worrying number of boys around us and our Autonomous Community.

We have the firm conviction that working for equal opportunities is the best investment potential in the educational world, and the best way to prevent attitudes and behavior undermines the freedom and dignity.

Period review of competitive research groups and researchers assignment

The period of creation of Irie and its governance structures have been completed. Now begins the consolidation and growth of production, transfer and display products research, ultimate goal of the work of our Institute.

It's been nearly four years since the writing of the report creation and Irie, meanwhile, the activity has not stopped researchers. This also led to an increase in scientific production and finished projects can also be translated into an improvement in the personal curriculum. Some researchers have increased the number of presidential terms, others have gone collaborators members of the research groups, and certainly there were high and low groups.

So we opened a period of review of competitive groups, which should allow us to keep the database, both in terms of research and composition. We pray that want to collaborate in this process, it is necessary and good for all groups. Thus, the principal investigator of each group will receive the card with the information we have briefed the group and we request that:

  • Check if you keep the lines of research.
  • Check the status of researchers (if that were previously partners have become members), and if there were high or low in their group.

When the principal investigators we have given this information, each researcher send his card, and verify that the update.

It is very important that all researchers mantengui day Greek curricula, so that the information is as current as possible.

Finally, we would like to share with you a thought: some groups have found that little research collaborators and the power of group-and, consequently, the Institut- depends on the scientific output that can generate not the number of members.

The deadline for the update will end on October 31 2016.

Special Action R & D "Tourism and reception of cultural and natural heritage of the Balearic Islands in the media" (Ref. AAEE29 / 2015)

The research team led by Dr. Sebastià Serra, principal investigator of the study group on culture, society, media and contemporary thought, the Irie, and coordinated by Dr. Bartomeu Canyelles, collaborator of the same group concluded satisfactorily Special Action R & D "Tourism and reception of cultural and natural heritage of the Balearic Islands in the media" (Ref. AAEE29 / 2015).

Their work, study and analysis of tourism in the Balearic Islands from the perspective of social sciences, boils down to two websites that offer a brief description of the objectives, the various lines of research, human equpo (format professionals from various academic fields) and a list of the bulk of research projects related to the same fields of work.

The research, framed in the 2013-2017 Plan for Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Balearic Islands, and promoted by the General Directorate of Innovation and Research and the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union, has allowed to obtain new optics of the subject investigated, and accurately evaluate the impact of some heritage items (architecture, natural spaces, traditions, leisure, gastronomy, etc.) in the media that is used by the tourist.

The research was developed within six months, and the authors believe, will make a positive contribution to the study of the projection of the image outside of the Islands from its heritage values.