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Again, we must commemorate the date chosen by the United Nations to remember that, well into the XNUMXst century, the situation of discrimination among half humanity is still, unfortunately, a dark reality.

The working and professional lives of millions of women around the world are completely conditioned by their female status: wage gap, part-time, glass roof and sticky floor, difficulty finding a way to reconcile their decision to become a mother with expectations for progress in the professional option, etc.

Universities are no exception: horizontal and vertical segregation are still unquestionable. It is true that equality plans are a useful tool in changing these inertia, but the task is not simple and it calls for decisive action on the part of everyone.

Awareness of the entire university community is crucial; without personal and collective involvement we will not be able to change a reality that violates human rights and wastes intelligence and talents.

All this in terms of our so-called first world, because in many parts of the world, being born gives birth to any possibility of access to basic education. We are not talking about higher education.

We hope that on March 8, many people will feel committed and on the street, but more importantly, we hope that throughout the rest of the year we will work proactively to help build a more just and equitable society.

Institute for Educational Research and Innovation

University of the Balearic Islands

8 of març of 2020




Les sessions del seminari es duran a terme els dies 7, 14, 21 i 28 de febrer, a les 16h a la Sala de Graus de la Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres.

El seminari està coordinat per la Dra. Elisabeth Ripoll i el Dr. Sebastià Serra, membres del grup de recerca  Estudis de la Cultura, la Societat, la Comunicació i el Pensament Contemporani, de l'IRIE.

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Institut de Recerca i Innovació Educativa (IRIE)

III Jornades de Recerca i Innovació Educativa a les Illes Balears

8 i 9 de novembre de 2019. Edifici Guillem Cifre de Colonya (UIB)




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