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The 29 2019 day of April of XNUMX took place, at the University of Barcelona, ​​the first meeting of heads of institutes of educational research in Spain. The objective of the meeting was to establish the bases for constituting, officially, a state network of research institutes in education (Network of Institutes of Research in Education).
They attended:

Dr. Antonio Bartolomé, Dr. Moises Esteban Guitart, Dra. Mª José Rodríguez and Dr. Jesús Salinas.

The objectives of the network are to help promote the presence of the institutes, in order to improve the recognition and the scientific and social impact of research in education.

One of the first activities planned for the new collaboration structure is the International Congress on Research in Education, iRED'19, organized by the IRE of the University of Barcelona, ​​with the collaboration of the rest of the institutes of the Network. The iRED'19 will be held in Barcelona on 4 and 5 in November of 2019.

Coordinated by Dr. Carlota Vicens-Pujol, from the research group ILLA (Research Group on Languages, Literature and Learning), and with the participation of a dozen researchers and researchers, Islands of one hundred voices is a study of the imaginary of the Balearic Islands in European literatures of the twentieth century, with the allusion to the tourist development.

The publication received the help of the IRIE, through the Extraordinary Call for Research Aid. Preparation, Execution and Transfer of Knowledge. 2018

The volume, the result of collaboration between the Economic and Social Council of the Balearic Islands (CES) and the University of the Balearic Islands, covers as diverse fields as health research, industrial policy, climate change, Knowledge economy or the forces of digital transformation, among others. Chapter 7, Education and Training, has been prepared by members of the IRIE Education and Citizenship research group.