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Once again a very important date arrives, and it is not only for the feminist movement, which it is and a lot, but for all people who truly believe in human rights, and therefore actively reject, any kind of discrimination based on gender.

But this March 8 is special, on the one hand, for the health situation we have had to live, and which has drastically changed our lives. But also because this is the last March 8 of the current management team of this university institute. It has been an intense year of work, commitments, learning and strengthening ties of complicity and friendship that, surely, will be forever.
For all this, we want to thank all the people who have accompanied us, and remember the commitment of the IRIE with co-education, the application of the gender perspective in research, the balanced presence of women and men in the teams.

Co-education is the best tool for achieving equality between men and women, for the prevention of gender-based violence. It is a fundamental pillar for building a just and truly democratic society. March 8, declared by the United Nations International Women's Day in 1975, is a good date to remember all the way and all the way that remains, which is not small. To remember that the fight for women's rights is international, and that if one of us touches them, they touch us all.

Thanks. Health and more feminism than ever!

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