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Once again, it is necessary to make visible the urgency of continuing to work for equality between women and men. Once again, a 8 is required in March.

In the face of certain voices that attempt to pervert the meaning of the feminist struggle, it is urgent to remember that feminism is a social and political movement of more than three hundred years of history that, always with peaceful means, intends that women, who are Half of humanity can enjoy the same rights as the other half of the world population. That demands the respect and the tolerance between the people, that fights so that it is not possible to be discriminated against nobody nor in function of the sort, neither of the color of the skin, nor of the origin, nor of the beliefs.

Feminism, therefore, is an unequivocal defense of human rights. Universities, as centers for creation and transmission of knowledge, must be leaders in the defense of democratic and egalitarian values. Intelligence, capacities and talent have no gender, and all are necessary for the construction of a fairer but also more sustainable world.

From IRIE we support the commemoration of this meaningful date and we maintain the commitment to coeducation, as a basic tool for coexistence, and as a prevention of intolerances and violence.

Feminism is justice, equality, sorority and defense of rights that make us citizens of full right to all parts of the planet.