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Training Service and Innovation

Structured around two core areas: training for research personnel groups affiliated to the Institute and students of the Doctorate in Education and PhD in Educational Technology and transfer activities: proposals that arise from research groups and can be transferred to the educational community in the form of courses, conferences and other training projects.

Furthermore, parallel to the formation of the Institute itself, the Irie also deals with the formation of the teaching and research of the UIB, offering a biannual proposed jointly with the Department for Education.

PDI Training and Innovation
own training
Transfer activities

Courses and calls for innovation designed to improve teaching and research. You can find open enrollment courses or those who have already finished and you can check for your self.

Courses designed to improve research investigators / researchers of the Irie and doctoral students in education and doctorate in educational technology. Courses, seminars and conferences aimed at teachers and other professionals who carry out functions related to education and training.
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Innovation Projects
Seminars teaching staff

The Vice President of Teaching, in collaboration with the Research Institute for Educational Innovation (Irie), promotes the development of innovative educational projects at the UIB funded projects that have the purpose of improving teaching and learning, evaluation and promotion processes of teaching coordination and teamwork among teachers.

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The Vice President for Faculty and the Institute of Educational Research and Innovation want to continue promoting the introduction of seminars and expert advice from the activities carried out by the University for the training of its teaching and research.

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