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Evaluation strategies for competencies used by teachers in virtual learning environments in the open university for adults.


Jovanny María Rodríguez Cabral

Doctoral Program Doctorate in Educational Technology
Department Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology
Director Jesus Salinas Ibáñez
Date of defense July 01, 2022
Abstract The Open University for Adults (UAPA) undertakes the evaluation of learning as a continuous and systematic process of diagnosis, monitoring, evaluation and measurement to which the participant undergoes, both individually and in groups, to check the levels of development of the cognitive, procedural, attitudinal skills and values ​​contemplated in the program corresponding to each subject. From this perspective, this study through the Design Methodology seeks to strengthen the assessment process for skills in virtual learning environments, proposing and validating strategies, techniques, technological tools and instruments that contribute to the development teaching practices and the university's educational model. The results obtained made it possible to design a program proposal in three stages or phases: a) Planning, the result of this phase consists in the design of a teaching guide; b) Implementation; establishes the departments and principals of schools involved to guarantee the effectiveness of the process through accompaniment and monitoring; c) Evaluation of the evaluation, the types of evaluation that facilitate the assessment of the effectiveness and impact of the evaluation process in virtual learning environments are specified.

IRIE. Jovanny María Rodríguez Cabral