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Vocal health in school: education and prevention


Maria Esperanza Mulet Alcover

Doctoral Program Research and Innovation in Education
Department Teaching and School Organization
Directors Sebastià Verger Adrover
Date of publication 2013

Concern about vocal pathologies and voice disorders is fairly recent and it is claimed that our society is not aware that it is a health problem, taking full prominence when dysfunctions arise. The research aims to raise awareness of the importance of voice and disorders in children's vocal production, based on research conducted in three study groups: children, teachers and specialists. We also want to find answers to the questions that arise as language professionals on the subject. As for the results, we were able to check the lack of epidemiological studies regarding children's vocal alterations, as well as the terminological difficulties despite the efforts made in recent years. The study has shown a lack of awareness of the voice and children's vocal disorders, being a field in an almost embryonic state in our country.

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