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The contribution of women to the bulletin of the free educational institution. Analysis of her contributions to feminism and social reform, from a gender perspective


Edelmira Fernandez Losada

Doctoral Program Educació
Department Pedagogy and Specific Didactics
Directors Lluís Ballester Brage and Antoni J. Colom Cañellas
Date of publication 2019

This study aims to analyze, from a gender perspective, the contribution made by the writers, who published in the Bulletin of the Free Institution of Education, to the acquisition of a series of women's rights, which at that time they were denied, such as access to education and the exercise of all professions. The research will focus on the contribution of women to the Bulletin of the Free Institution of Education (1878-1936).

In order to be able to obtain a global vision of the context in which the Free Education Institution arises and what is the social condition of women, it will be analyzed, on the one hand, the scientific, sociocultural and educational thought of this period. historical, from a gender perspective. On the other hand, feminine thought will be analyzed, taking into account the genealogy of feminist ideas that has had a line of continuity in time, until we reach the nineteenth century.

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