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Satisfaction with compassion and wear and tear with empathy in the volunteers of the socio-health field of Mallorca


Ana Josefa Cañas Lerma

Doctoral Program Educació
Department Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology
Directors Sebastià Verger Gelabert, José Francisco Campos Vidal and Jaume Sureda i Negre
Date of publication December of 2020

Volunteering in the social and health field is framed in a scenario where illness, pain or suffering are present. Volunteers who decide to get involved in this area can exercise through the relationship they provide to those who suffer, a therapeutic effect that helps alleviate feelings of loneliness or restlessness. However, this research focuses on the positive (Satisfaction for Compassion) and negative (Wear for Empathy) feelings that the establishment of this relationship and exposure to discomfort can generate in volunteers.

It also seeks to know if there is a relationship between Satisfaction for Compassion and Wear for Empathy and empathy (essential for establishing the relationship of help), commitment and the motivations and self-care of volunteers in the field sociosanitari.

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Dialnet. Thesis Ana Josefa Cañas Lerma