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Curriculum management in training systems, under the simultaneous model, of secondary school teachers


Viviana Gomez Barrantes

Doctoral Program Educació
Department Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology
Directors Miquel Francesc Oliver Trobat and Francesca Salvà Mut
Date of publication 2020

The doctoral research presented has made it possible to know the academic and administrative factors involved in the management of the curriculum, transcending the technocratic vision of the concept and addressing the elements that are necessarily required for the execution of curricula.

For the research we started from the state of the issue in relation to the concept curriculum, management, curriculum management, educational administration, pedagogy and addressed in depth the development of the execution of six careers that train professionals in different areas of knowledge (disciplinary component) in conjunction with a single academic unit that develops the pedagogical component.

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Dialnet. Thesis Viviana Gómez Barrantes