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The schoolyard, an opportunity to increase physical activity and improve coexistence


Maria Isabel Salas Sánchez

Doctoral Program Doctorate in Education
Department Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology
Directors Dr. Josep Vidal Conti and Dr. Pere Palou Sampol
Date of defense July 15 2022

The WHO recommends that children and young people perform a total of 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity a day. Physical education sessions at the centers are insufficient to reach these recommendations.

On the other hand, physical inactivity (aggravated by an increase in screen time exposure in young people), along with alarming levels of obesity in our young people, makes playtime an ally for ensure the recommended daily minutes for them.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze, guide and intervene in various factors related to what happens in the yard minutes, to improve aspects related to the health and well-being of students.

The main factors that derive from it are related to: health, social relations, gender inequality and school performance.

The conclusions are: I) there are specific instruments and guidelines that help schools to know what happens in the yard time to be able to intervene from the point of view of improving health, II) different studies analyzed indicate that most of the strategies used have the potential to increase levels of physical activity during yard time, III) an intervention in yard time can improve coexistence and reduce the number of conflicts, IV) the main findings affect the intervention in: the conditions of context, the availability of game equipment, the presence of the adult-supervisor, the brands of games and the amount of equipment, and V) physical activity during the recreation can be increased through a multi-competent intervention: success depends on the commitment of active and supportive adults and on varied, connected and well-located facilities.


Patio, recreation, physical activity, health