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The level of self-efficacy and self-pity of teachers and their relationship to inclusive practices


Antonio Vigo Aguilo

Doctoral Program Educació
Department Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology
Directors Joan Jordi Muntaner and Dolors Forteza
Date of publication January 30 2019

The attitude of teachers influences the success of an inclusive educational practice. The doctoral thesis of Antonio Vigo Aguiló confirms the importance of self-efficacy –Belief in one's own ability to ensure success in a performance– i self-compassion –The absence of prejudices towards one's own insufficiencies and failures– in school inclusion.

Dr. Vigo proposes to work to increase the levels of both aspects, both in initial teacher training and in school culture. To do this, she recommends that education professionals be able to share practices, observe each other, and work on emotion management.
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