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Improving school success by acting on critical variables in the context of science teaching and general teaching (basic and transversal skills, critical thinking and scientific thinking)

Education of scientific, technological and critical thinking skills through the teaching of science and technology topics

Angel Vazquez Alonso

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Antoni Bennàssar Roig

M. Antonia Manassero

Description of the advice

Relationships between education and science, technology and society

Development of teaching and learning sequences

The natural environment and its teaching

Scientific activity and the nature of science and technology: teaching, learning and assessment

Games to teach scientific activity and the nature of science and technology

Problem-based learning, responsible research-based learning

Visible learning and student success: high-impact educational variables

Attitudes and interests of students towards science and technology

Teacher training: development and evaluation of the didactic knowledge of the content to teach and learn scientific contents

Teacher training to learn and teach thinking: Scientific thinking and critical thinking

Educational assessment: formative assessment and assessment for learning

Cooperative learning

Teacher training: research-action Teacher training

Experience of the group in research and advice on this topic

The research group has extensive experience in research, classroom application and advice within the line of research that starts from different national and international projects, and publications. Examples of this include some of the latest projects:

Education of scientific, technological and critical thinking skills by teaching topics of a science and technology nature. State R&D Program Oriented to the Challenges of Society: R&D Projects. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) EDU2015-64642-R Amount: 48.400,00 2015-2019 \ nResponsible researcher / s: María Antonia Manassero Mas \ nIRIS.

Interest & Recruitment in Science. Factors influencing recruitment, retention and gender equity in science, technology and mathematics higher education VII Framework Program of the European Union. Teaching and learning about the nature of science and technology (EANCYT): An experimental and longitudinal research. National Program of Non-Oriented Fundamental Research. Ministry of Science and Innovation: EDU2010-16553 2011-2013 Responsible researcher: Ángel Vázquez Alonso.