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Research line



New strategies for the analysis and detection of gender stereotypes and their negative effects for students

The impact of gender in the various fields: health, the world of work, education, use of new technologies

Enrique Urbano Ángel

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Description of the advice

Incorporation of analyzes and pedagogical tools for the detection of stereotypes in the teaching task, both formal and informal, and the negative consequences they have for students at all levels, in the sense of their expectations of future, choice of studies and prevention of gender violence.

The need to take care of both the content of what is explained in class and the method used to do so has been well demonstrated.

To carry out all these proposals, it is necessary to implement the visibility of women in all subjects and subjects, awareness, analysis of the dynamics carried out in the classroom, the interrelationships of boys and girls when performing. joint work or any other activity, taking care of messages, and using inclusive, non-sexist language.

The advice is intended for the primary and secondary cycles of schools.

Experience of the group in research and advice on this topic

The line of research referred to is part of our study from the beginning. It has provided us with the opportunity to carry out publications, presentations at conferences, and more recently, it has given us the opportunity to join the project "Gender workshops to combat gender stereotypes in the institutes of the Balearic Islands" , funded by the Social Council of the UIB and carried out through the Office of Equality of the UIB, where a total of 180 workshops or dynamics have been held in different centers of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.